Friday, September 17, 2010


I wish I had done more of these, because I feel like I was really close to getting one that I liked. Unfortunately, I didn't make it all the way there, so these are all sort of halfway okay. They're all pictures of a hipster in fantastic red boots smashing a pinata at the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum. It was one of the most whimsical art exhibits I've been to - the pinata was shaped like a Klein bottle, which is supposed to represent four dimensions, and it was filled with candy and bouncy balls and tangerines. There was a mariachi band and plastic maracas and tacos too!

This is my favorite, I think, because I like the blend of colors and the
interaction with the line art. I think the line art could be lots better, but I
think I am happy with it because I used some paper left over
from printmaking class instead of the Canson watercolor paper I hate.

Same paper, awkward brown splotch.

Splatter! But bad line art, not enough color variation, etc.

Mud. I really do like the guy in the background though.

Why did I make that green so bright?!?

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