Sunday, December 12, 2010

Final Portfolio - Formal Projects

My four best formal projects:

Album cover: I integrated two of my favorite illustration styles: pattern-y watercolor and hatched line art. To me, this has a surreal, pop art, wacky seventies feel, which helps get across the feeling of the album with a little added kick. I think it's an interesting solution to the no-band-members restriction, since my first instinct would have been to draw Carole King and her wild hair.

Cheesy airbrush: I don't have much to say about this that I haven't already posted, but I think it deserves a spot in my top four because it looks like a turtle, but also an illustration of a turtle, which was probably the goal. And he's so nonchalant about it.

Product illustration: I picked this as my best illustration overall, not because it's the most interesting (Listerine just sits there. It can't do backflips.), but because I'm happy with all parts of it. It was challenging to paint something transparent and shiny with tiny text on the label, but I think everything turned out ok. I could see myself incorporating this into a design someday!

3-Image gouache montage: I chose this as one of the top four because it shows my improvement with using the gouache pick out technique. My favorite part of this is the shrimp, and there's some nice contrast going on in the statue and the background. This piece is very different from most other things I've done in this class because it looks the most like a painting, though frankly I'd have done a better job with acrylics. In any case, I'm glad I learned to use gouache!

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